Drool Gear – t shirts, indi fashion and streetwear

Drool Gear is an exclusive indie fashion label from London selling bespoke and small-run garments from screen printed fabrics. We make anything from casual streetwear with a twist to haute PUNKcouture garments, simple cute tops with nasty prints to hotpants with a labia. It all depends on our mood when we start splashing about fabric […]

Aerosoul – British t shirt and streetwear appeal

Founded in 1998 by graphic designer Leke Adesoye, Aerosoul had humble beginnings but always harboured grandiose ambitions. Central to Leke’s vision was to see his label become a premier British streetwear brand with world-wide appeal.Hence, some seven years later this goal has been achieved. Not only has Aerosoul gained a well-deserved reputation for its highly-quality […]

Urban fashion photography by Howard Huang – Streetwear

Fashion Photographer Howard Huang’s recent work.…fashion urban hip-hop vibe. <a One of the best Urban fashion photographers we have seen. The UK has some of the best Urban fashion designers in the world. Over the passed 20 years October has seen and printed for young fashion designers in order to meet and exceed the challenge […]

Ltd. Ed. Oakley T-shirts

It’s been a while since anyone here at October pulled a kinky freestyle 360 – I slipped over in the gents last week and ripped some phat air with a toe grab, but that doesn’t really count, and let’s face it the nearest I get to a half pipe these days is the one I […]


Confrontational Welsh street fashion label The Red Dragonhood has launched two rugby-related designs as a protest against the use of the ‘Prince of Wales Feathers’ on the shirts of the victorious Wales rugby team. The design features either ‘Wales’ or ‘Cymru’ with the claws of a dragon appearing to tear through the shirt from the […]