Urban Clothing, T-shirts and Hip-Hop

This is for all you streetwear and urban clothing wearing people. The video says it all. Enjoy.   View our main site: www.october.co.uk t-shirt printing, screen printing, embroidery www.icandyclothing.com

Organic Tote Bags – EarthPositive

This is the latest addition to the EarthPositive® product range: organic and low carbon, screen printable, Tote Bags. There is a growing demand for ethically and environmentally credible bags, as more and more retailers, brands, corporate and promotional users are no longer content with using cheap cotton carriers as an alternative to plastic bags. The […]

Icelandic Meltdown – T shirt Printers

While the rest of the world focuses on the financial crisis in Iceland, we humble t-shirt printers thought it would be a good idea to look at the beautiful clothes it could perhaps be more famous for. Clean and simple, honest, effective, and elegant – if only we could say the same of the banking […]

Free eBook – ‘T-Shirts and Suits:

T shirt and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity’ is a practical handbook for creative entrepreneurs to refer to and find information, examples from other businesses, and practical tips about using powerful business ideas in a creative context. The book condenses over twenty years’ experience of working in the creative enterprises, combined with […]