’Superstar Sweatshirts’

The last reason for this blog is a half baked excuse to feature a luxuriant and ‘Well done mate, nice work’ beard. It’s about the ribbed side panels, the V rib insert at the neck, the back neck taping, tear-off neck labelling and ridiculously soft fabric in the only, truly, heavy weight sweat and hood available (crew neck sweat also available without stripes).



It’s 80% Cotton 20% Polyester, and a technically, but it feels much heavier, 330g/m2 brush back feece with peach finish.

That…is what it’s all about.
Sizes: S, M, L, XL

(It is a bloody lovely beard though isn’t it?  Ok ok, just saying..)

October print for Laid Bare

“Founded by two fresh, young designers, Laid Bare Clothing is an independent British unisex clothing brand, based in leafy Surrey.

All of our designs have a British influence and are carefully honed by us and brought to life exclusively for Laid Bare, signed off with our stitched trademark brand label.

The Laid Bare brand is inspired to deliver the best of British, whilst always being honest, open and true to our customers, who are always at the heart of our business… hence ‘laid bare’ ”




Web – www.laidbareclothing.com

Facebook – /laidbareclothing

Twitter – @laidbare_ltd

Instagram – @laidbare_ltd

Email – info@laidbareclothing.com

October print for 929 Clothing

929 Clothing2

929 clothing is a label taking you from wearing ordinary fabric to wearing life-inspired words.

The label was formed out of the understanding of the power behind words- Words kills, words bring to life.

We discovered everyone needs a little word of inspiration to carry them through their day therefore our goal in 929 is to turn people into a “message” for others to read.

To achieve this, we decided to load so much words of wisdom in few lines on pieces of fabric- you might never know whose life you’ll be saving, or the destiny you’ll be turning around by merely appearing trendy.”

With our collections, we are simply building on the foundation already laid by the wise saying -”you are the words you hear”, by going further to say “you are the words you wear”.

929 Clothing1

October print bandanas for Urban Nerds

The  ‘bass heavy London party starters promoting warehouse raves and underground club nights’ Check their event listings, get the latest news and mixes on the blog or buy tickets and Urban Nerds clothing!

‘In four years Urban Nerds has risen in the ranks of underground clubbing to become one of London’s biggest bass brands.

UrbanNerds01 (more…)

October print for Mostyn…

…who have a clear purpose: to showcase the finest young designer talent. It’s that simple!


There is an abundance of young, student designers who have incredible ability but no platform to express it. Mostyn was born to try and change this. Not only are we trying to move away from mass produced and soulless designs, we are looking to launch the careers of some seriously talented people. We want to introduce designs that are intentional, with a meaning, a history and an inspiration. Designs that matter.

We have tried to bring together some really exciting illustrators, graphic designers, fine artists and photographers together under one new and fresh label. Explore our website to get to know the designers. Read their blogs and visit their personal websites and hopefully the designs you see will come to life.



Available from www.mostynclothing.com

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Facebook - www.facebook.com/mostynclothing

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October print vests for RED HOT

October print vests for RED HOT, the stills and video exhibition that, ‘aims to rebrand the ginger male stereotype.’ It is Thomas Knights’ first solo exhibition, and is themed around a subject close to his heart. Knights’ experience of growing up with ginger hair was just the way that many redheads experienced school, ‘People have an ingrained sense of what a ginger male looks like and what he can do. He is ugly, weak, de-sexualised and emasculated.’ He explains that RED HOT is a very much needed rebrand for ginger males, ‘it presents the ginger male as the ultimate male. The leading man, the hero, the alpha.’

Red Hot Ginger Male

Red Hot

October print for Onkowear

Just when you thought it was safe to go to the Gents…


‘I’ve been fighting all sorts of thoughts and opinions on how to deliver it.

As much as I like a solid, block typeface, I’ve seen a bit of a shift away from it and the more it’s used the more I like it.

It maintains the italicised look, but as I said is softer and enough of a move away from the ‘old’ logo.

I’ve got pages and pages of hand drawn versions in the office, all using different materials, wax crayon, ink, paint, marker pens all which weren’t quite right…. in the end I used a little pot of ink, watered down slightly, and a small detail paint brush’ Greg White.

‘Salvage’ recycled garments from October Textiles

After years of making beds out of pallets, trousers out of bin bags, and helmets out of sauce pans, we’re very happy to have access to a new range of salvage garments, made from 100% recycled materials.


Products include T-s, sweats, and tote bags in mélange colours…you know, that flecky athletic look.

salvage sweat1

So what are they made of, bat fluff, squirrel whiskers, and the bashed up husk of a walnut? Not quite…they’re produced in India from 60% recycled organic cotton and 40% recycled polyester, using cotton waste that is shredded to buggery, until it turns back into fibres that can be spun with yarn…all done in the Tamil Nadu way down south, where the labour ethics are nice.

These Salvage products are certified under the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) and the Organic Content Standard (OCS), and carry the appropriate certification marks, licensed by the Control Union Certifications – basically the boxes are ticked, the whales are saved, and the waste gets turned into wonderful.



October Printed Furniture

If it stops moving long enough and we like the idea, we’ll print it…now available from what was once October Textiles Ltd, now October Textiles Furniture and Whatever Looks Like A Nice Thing Ltd…printed coffee tables.

October Table

If you already have a one colour design that will be going onto a T-shirt, why not also put it onto a coffee table with our new wood inks…when the conversation looks in danger over mid morning tea and buns, it’ll give you something fascinating to discuss. They will be around £65 out of Nottingham, or £500 when they’ve been talked up and whacked in a Shoreditch interiors showroom…