October T-shirt Printing Limited Edition ACME Whistle T shirts

October celebrate with Peaceful Hooligan by Printing T-shirts


Acme Whistles are the oldest and most famous whistle manufacturers in the world.

They have been designing, innovating and producing their wares since 1870. Originally started in the back yard workshop of founder Mr. Joseph Hudson’s end-terrace home, today they are nestled in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. In the days when a whistle was the most effective way of communicating from a long distance Acme quickly developed a reputation of creating the best products on the market, In some cases completely creating the market. The Policeman’s rattle was replaced when Hudson invented his ACME Metropolitan, the first Bobbie’s whistle in the world.

The archives house more than 40 patented designs developed over the company’s illustrious history. With specific designs for the Police, train guards, scouts, shepherds, bird callers, hunters, people hailing a taxi and for us, most notably referees.


1884 saw Hudson’s Acme company launch the first whistle aimed at sporting referees, the ACME Thunderer. Before it’s release, referees would shout their instructions to the players across the pitch. With the power and precision of the new whistle, it quickly established itself as the referee’s weapon of choice. Since inception the Thunderer has been used everywhere from Sunday league to the World Cup.


In 1966 a Swiss referee, by the name of Gottfried Dienst, used the ACME Thunderer N58 model following the famous words ‘they think it’s all over’ to signal the end of the World Cup Final between England and West Germany. This sporting heritage and that specific whistle were the basis of this season’s collaboration project between Peaceful Hooligan and The ACME Whistle Company.


The limited edition collaborative series of 4 illustrated t-shirts are inspired by Acme’s extensive archives and sporting heritage, referencing vintage advertising, catalogue artwork and 1960s branding. Together with the t-shirt, which is hand screen printed in England, the pack includes a bespoke dual branded replica of the 1966 ACME Thunderer N58 whistle and a presentation drawstring bag.



This collaboration series will be available exclusively online from peacefulhooligan.co.uk on Wednesday 11th June. Sign up to the mailing list at the bottom of the page and ‘Run With Us’ below to make sure you don’t miss out.

“He who owns the Whistle rules the world”

October T-shirt printing, screen printing and whistle blowing.

October screen print t-shirts for Stupid Clothing

Screen Print T-shirts from Nottingham

Printed T-shirt for Stupid Clothing

October screen print for action fashion brand Stupid Clothing. Stupid was founded in the mountains, to voice the same unifying attitude that runs through like-minded idiots around the planet, across snow, surf, street and beyond, supplying them with a quality casual fashion product that promotes their beliefs and way of life. October, equally famous for anything completely Stupid, have helped the cause with screen printed T-shirts, hoods and sweatshirts.

T-shirts designed and developed by the people who truly represent the action sports lifestyle

With over 10 years of sharing their time between streets, slopes and shores, the designer t-Shirts Clothing collection includes original casual fashion screen printed products, hoodies, sweatshirts, tee’s, tall tee’s, decks and other items that truly promote the attitude of the wearer, whether on the streets or out in the elements.

Stupid Clothing, in line with one of October’s key brand values, actively promotes the standpoint of never taking life too seriously, wearing your heart on your sleeve with a boldness, confident lack of fear, to go headlong 100% into everything.

Partying hard, screen print hard, t-shirt wearing hard and riding even harder; Welcome to All Things Stupid.

Printed T-shirt for Stupid Clothing



For sales enquiries please contact – sales@stupidclothing.co.uk


20 STOREY, 2A Market Row,m Brixton, London

STASH STORE, 3 Fairfax House, Warwick Road, Stoke on Trent, CV37 0NZ


HORS LIMITES 2 ALPES, 1 Rue Du Cairou, 38860, Les Deux Alpes, tel: +33(0)4 76 80 99 76

ATELIER DU SNOW, 11 Rue Du Sagnes, 38860, Les Deux Alpes

BLACK CATS, Place Du Curling, 73320, Tignes, tel. +33(0)4 79 06 42 46

October Screen Print , t-shirt printing and embroidery

American Apparel Tall T by October

American Apparel TALL TEE

We give you the American Apparel Tall T

For all you lanky Herberts out there, tired of flashing your bum crack off to innocent bystanders.

the same soft feel as the classic American Apparel 2001 100% cotton fine jersey classic, but what’s the technical term…it’s…longer.

You know the American Apparel look, like you’ve just regained consciousness from under a pile of coats at a bad party.

So get yourself all draped up, and remember not to stand in any strong winds.

Also see other American Apparel  T shirts by October.

American Apparel Fine Jersey – Short Sleeve T-Shirt

AA make some big claims about this fine jersey short sleeve T-shirt – we haven’t got access to their secret stats, but we’d have a tenner on the fact that this is their best selling T, and rightly so. Fine jersey again, we all like that, and so it’ll print like a dream. To some, the 2001 is the definitive range T-shirt, LA or nothing.

Fine Jersey – Long Sleeve T-shirt

There was a time when for most people good meant heavy – those bad times are behind us. This long sleeve jersey T-shirt fabric is fine…and that’s just fine by us. Prints up a treat, lets the summer breeze blow straight through you.

Please note there is a £15 delivery surcharge as these garments come direct from LA.

Fine Jersey – Short Sleeve Leisure Shirt

Take your leisure time seriously, with this 70’s inspired 100% fine jersey 4 button shirt. It’s got a front pocket that you’ll never use, but that looks good none the less, but what’s the best bit…yes you at the back… yeah you got it, the structured collar that hangs together after a load of washes. This is what puts the American Apparel polo at the top of its class…that and the colour range.


American Apparel by October.



October print T-shirts for David Hockney | David Hockney paintings


We have always loved David Hockney paintings, but David Hockney T shirts?

It’s not just David Hockney’s painting techniques, his swimming pools; portraits of friends;  his open exploration of gay love etc, but now a David Hockney t shirt, based on  perhaps less widely seen (unless you happened to attend) stage designs for the Royal Court Theatre, La Scala, the Metropolitan Opera and Glyndebourne. It is for the latter that October came in, to all over print limited edition David Hockney T-shirt, to commemorate his set designs at Glyndebourne, specifically for The Rake’s Progress….’a fable’.


The story centres around decline and fall of Tom Rakewell (Rakes Progress Fable),

who deserts his woman, Anne Trulove, and heads off for some fun in London with a bloke called Nick Shadow, who turns out to be the Devil. After several sticky moments, all concocted by the devious Mr Shadow, Tom ends up in Bedlam, a hospital for the ‘insane’ in the City of London, not good.

So the moral of the story is: “For idle hearts and hands and minds, the Devil finds a work to do.” Which is why we keep screen printing.

(this David Hockney T-shirt was very limited edition and just to commemorate the Rakes Progress…see if you can find one!)


’Superstar Sweatshirts’

The last reason for this blog is a half baked excuse to feature a luxuriant and ‘Well done mate, nice work’ beard. It’s about the ribbed side panels, the V rib insert at the neck, the back neck taping, tear-off neck labelling and ridiculously soft fabric in the only, truly, heavy weight sweat and hood available (crew neck sweat also available without stripes).



It’s 80% Cotton 20% Polyester, and a technically, but it feels much heavier, 330g/m2 brush back feece with peach finish.

That…is what it’s all about.
Sizes: S, M, L, XL

(It is a bloody lovely beard though isn’t it?  Ok ok, just saying..)

October t shirt printing for Comme des Garcons

October are T shirt printing again

Every now and then we stand back from the growl of the T shirt printing monster, slow down, light our pipes, stroke our beards, and take a stroll through the October archives, to re-read the more interesting chapters of the Printer’s almanac. This week, amongst an old pair of printing tweeds and next to a bag of gunpowder, we discovered a print we did a while back for our much admired friends, Comme des Garcons menswear.

This print was an all over large flower design, in a nice red water based ink onto a white T.

It had to be a water based ink as once printed, it was then vacuum compressed into a 6″ cube prior to sale, obviously…a nice retail presentation idea, but more importantly, a great way to get two hundred T-shirts into your brief case prior to going on a world tour – drop them in water three hours prior to cocktails, the plastic dissolves, then hang on the alfresco piazza to dry, creating a crease free T for the modern Mr Bond. Easy.

Comme Des Garcons

Water Based inks

These penetrate the fabric more than the plastisol inks and create a much softer feel. Ideal for printing darker inks onto lighter coloured garments. Also useful for larger area prints where texture is important. Often the fashion label favourite, where softness onto lighter fabrics is the key.

Picking the right garment, the right t shirt printing ink, or the right embroidery thread, is a most tricky business. If you would like us to make some garment suggestions, and advise on the best print or embroidery methods, please fill our help form …. or call us on: 0115 958 5000.

Wholesale printing for Comme Des Garcons. See the print methods for personalized t shirt printing variations and print techniques.


October screen print for Laid Bare Clothing

October screen print t shirts for Laid Bare clothing

“Founded by two fresh, young designers, Laid Bare Clothing is an independent British unisex clothing brand, based in leafy Surrey. All of our screen print designs have a British influence and are carefully honed by us and brought to life exclusively for us, signed off with our stitched trademark brand label.

The Laid Bare Clothing brand is inspired to deliver…

the best of British, whilst always being honest, open and true to our customers, who are always at the heart of our business… hence ‘laid bare’ “
Laid Bare Clothing, screen print tshirt

Laid Bare Clothing, screen print tshirt

Laid Bare Clothing, screen print tshirt

2014 is an exciting year for Laid Bare Clothing…

seeing the launch of our first collection. The Laid Bare Clothing brand is inspired to deliver the best of  British, whilst always being honest, open and true to our customers, who are always at the heart of our business… hence ‘laid bare’.

We are proud to work with a carefully selected group of British suppliers and manufacturers who share our brand vision for high quality, bespoke, British designer clothing and collectively we shall always strive to produce articles for you to wear and use with pride. We really are worth every penny…

Over the coming months we will be working closely with the Laid Bare Clothing family to grow our unisex clothing brand and there are many things in store, so keep in touch to see what’s new.

Web – www.laidbareclothing.com | Facebook – /laidbareclothing | Twitter – @laidbare_ltd | Instagram – @laidbare_ltd Email – info@laidbareclothing.com

About October t shirt printing and embroidery

There are many ways to get an image onto a garment – screen printing of course, but also digital printing, litho transfers, and screen printed transfers…they are all available from October.

Digital is fine, but  with size restrictions (14 x 16”), and available from most online providers…it is what it is, just another digital print with no options to add a variety of textures, mixes of inks, brighter colours, and the personal touch that you will need to make your brand stand apart from the others.

Litho and screen printed transfers…offering a nice high detail, but not our favourite as they provide a slightly papery finish, and again, how can we make you different by perhaps having the texture of a solvent based ink, next to a lovely soft water based print, with a sneaky touch of 3D high build…maybe even a gloss, a metallic, or foil?

Screen printing is really what we’re about – there are a lot of decisions for us to make around artwork films, screen meshes and tensions, we’ll talk you through that, but your main choice is what ink to use…

October print for 929 Clothing

929 Clothing2

929 clothing is a label taking you from wearing ordinary fabric to wearing life-inspired words.

The label was formed out of the understanding of the power behind words- Words kills, words bring to life.

We discovered everyone needs a little word of inspiration to carry them through their day therefore our goal in 929 is to turn people into a “message” for others to read.

To achieve this, we decided to load so much words of wisdom in few lines on pieces of fabric- you might never know whose life you’ll be saving, or the destiny you’ll be turning around by merely appearing trendy.”

With our collections, we are simply building on the foundation already laid by the wise saying -“you are the words you hear”, by going further to say “you are the words you wear”.

929 Clothing1

October print bandanas for Urban Nerds

The  ‘bass heavy London party starters promoting warehouse raves and underground club nights’ Check their event listings, get the latest news and mixes on the blog or buy tickets and Urban Nerds clothing!

‘In four years Urban Nerds has risen in the ranks of underground clubbing to become one of London’s biggest bass brands.

UrbanNerds01 (more…)

October print for Mostyn…

…who have a clear purpose: to showcase the finest young designer talent. It’s that simple!


There is an abundance of young, student designers who have incredible ability but no platform to express it. Mostyn was born to try and change this. Not only are we trying to move away from mass produced and soulless designs, we are looking to launch the careers of some seriously talented people. We want to introduce designs that are intentional, with a meaning, a history and an inspiration. Designs that matter.

We have tried to bring together some really exciting illustrators, graphic designers, fine artists and photographers together under one new and fresh label. Explore our website to get to know the designers. Read their blogs and visit their personal websites and hopefully the designs you see will come to life.



Available from www.mostynclothing.com

Don’t forget to follow us on:

Facebook – www.facebook.com/mostynclothing

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